4 Breathtaking Ideas for Backyard Pool Designs

4 Breathtaking Ideas for Backyard Pool Designs

There are many families who love to spend weekend together, especially by doing outdoor activities which are fun and full of adventure. But if there is no enough time for doing hiking, camping, going to beach or at least having a nice picnic in a park or near the lake, then it is time for thinking about other alternatives. Then, having a backyard pool is the most preferred option which will give nice weekend memory and along with healthier body, for that here are backyard pool designs that are totally stunning.

First, backyard pool designs which will trigger your summer desire, tropical pools. Designs for backyard pools are indeed so suitable with tropical ideas which go with summer and sunny things. Plant many palm trees around the pool sides with other fresh and green plants on rocks that make the air around the swimming pool is fresher and cleaner. Let the plants grow inclined to the pool area to create a natural shade that protects the whole family from the dangerous UV rays.

Second, go with backyard pool design that is modern and minimalist with medium size that is suitable for small modern contemporary home with small backyard. Backyard pool designs do not have to come with large sizes because there are many big ideas for small homes which opt with simplicity. The lighting is also simple, just with some LED fixtures that stand out the inner sides of the pool. Simple with patio edges and some lounge chairs which will let your relax yourself while sunbathing on it.

Third, backyard pool designs can be so eclectic with natural ideas that come from lake inspired swimming pool. The pool spa adds the beauty that is brightened with proper lights, then the stone walk path that is purposely designed around the pool lines the pool itself uniquely. Furthermore, the swimming pool that is installed in the grass backyard really attracts attention, plus lighting that makes the idea is completed.

Fourth, play with classic and cozy swimming pool that is lined with iron and stucco railing. Backyard pool designs that come with iron and stucco railing on the edges can give you modern look. This blue swimming pool is actually small with wrap around patio that gives that cozy and eclectic. For extras, place some comfortable big umbrellas on the patio that will give sunny and tropical look with lounge chairs that let you relax after swimming.

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