Designer Shower Curtains That Color Up Your Bathrooms

Designer Shower Curtains That Color Up Your Bathrooms

When you aim for remodeling your bathroom, you do not need to opt for expensive plants that cost so many. There are many ideas which will help you brighten and color up your bathrooms without expensive projects that take thousand dollars and that can be done by replacing the old shower curtain. There are designer shower curtains which will help you add attractions so your bathroom will be more interesting and appealing. For that, here are designer showers curtains that you should try.

First, play with designer shower curtains which bring serenity to your bathroom, such as play with shower curtains that have two tone colors as its design. The upper part is colored with white and some motifs that enrich the look, and then the lower part is tucked pickups in real calming sea foam green that gives nice view when it touches the floor. The design is so unique and attractive which comes with simple and cozy styles.

Second, go with designer shower curtain that is rich with striking motifs, mosaics. Designer shower curtains can be so minimalist and modern with black & white colors that dominate the curtains and give neutral look with its mosaic motifs. The mosaic motifs are not too crowded because those motifs are applied randomly, furthermore the overall look of the curtain is not too much but also not too plain, it is so versatile for any bathroom so that it fits best for any bathroom style that you apply.

Third, go with designer shower curtains that are rich in motifs. Play with motifs which are quite classic that give impression of romantic and traditional look, but it still looks so elegant with the colors which are vibrant and finest materials used that add comfort. The motifs are really ornamental with complex ideas that make the shower curtains more like artwork instead of common shower curtains; furthermore the rich color combination defines its beauty that is rarely found.

Fourth, designer shower curtains can be so modern and creative when you go with mixed motifs or patterns that enrich the design. The shower curtains are designed by mixing some different motifs and patterns. Then you can find its design that resembles the square organized mosaic that each square is filled with certain motif, then the other is also with different motif and it goes for all parts that result on real artistic and unique shower curtain.

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