DIY Vanity Table to Style the Bedroom

DIY Vanity Table to Style the Bedroom

Moving in to a new place is never easy. It also cost a lot of money, especially if you hire a professional mover. Then once you try to settle in at the house, you may start to think of certain additions and adjustments, like the furniture. After all, you end up with different sizes and you may have pieces of furniture that will become either too big or too small compared to the old place. But of course it would cost a lot to be able to buy all new pieces of furniture. Instead of purchasing a brand new vanity table, you may try this DIY vanity table instead.

Start by looking for a table that is at the perfect size. A good IKEA desk may be the answer as it is usually quite sturdy and not as expensive. You can also choose the color scheme that would be more appropriate to the whole setting. Remember that when you are choosing the color theme of the DIY vanity table.

When choosing for the suitable for the DIY vanity table, you also need to choose the one with drawers. Remember that we have so many small items that we need to place in the drawers or we will have lots of unwanted clutters. We all know by experience just how difficult it is to make sure the surface is clean and tidy when we are in a hurry during the mornings and end up making a lot of mess with the lack of coordination and storage on the vanity table.

The next item for the DIY vanity table to buy is the mirror. There is the white lighted mirror called the Startlet Vanity Lighted Mirror. This is a beautiful and modern style mirror with a pair of 3 lamps at the sides. A little ornament that looks like a butterfly wing can be seen underneath the mirror. But unfortunately this Hollywood mirror does not come cheap. In fact, it cost almost $300.  If the price is too high for your budget, then you can change into something plainer and without lights.

In addition to the center mirror, you may also need the smaller ones. There are optional additions and you can choose not to use it when you feel that the center mirror can perform well enough for you. The DIY vanity table can be added with a mirror with magnifier. There are 3 times magnifying to 7 times magnifying available for you. You would see how easy it is to use the mirror for smaller areas of the face.

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