The Always Actual Trend of the Classic Interiors

The Always Actual Trend of the Classic Interiors

This interior style doesn’t depend on the time, it’s an axiom. It’s a sign of the stability and the sufficiency. It’s an indication of the good taste. So what are the features of the classic design issue because even among nowadays variety of the décor directions it’s still popular and actual one? Maybe the combination of the refinement and the laconism plays so important role, who knows. It’s worthy to visit few traditional style homes to understand the common principles of the decoration methods:

• The room has to support the concord, symmetry and the unity of whole elements;
• The color decision of the traditional homes can be different, it depends on the master’s taste but the radical colors are not welcomed;
• The details of the interior have to fit each other perfect, every element has to be on its own place and nowise else;
• The finish materials have to be very reliable. And expensive, let’s be honest;
• If the walls would be paste over with wallpapers it’s better to choose the velour or silk ones. They will give as the interesting pattern texture as the room widening effect;
• The choice of the accessories and decorations must correspond to the general level of the room classic interior design. Pay attention to the stone incrustations, gold and silver elements, art objects and so on;
• The household appliances have to be decorated in the common style too. Otherwise the devices would be placed in the special niches for to not disturb the general conception.

It’s worthy to mention one essential disadvantage, except the high prices, of the traditional design style direction. It requests a lot of space. Just furniture that produced from the natural materials by the proved by the time technologies needs huge place. So for the small apartments the designer has to show the outstanding imagination for the plan everything according to the style canons.

The Accents in the Traditional Style

It seems everything is ready. We have a perfect harmony in the room but a little more something wanting. The time of the style accents came then. It’s allowed to put some bright elements that underline the individuality of the traditional interior design. It can be a classic floor vase, a huge mirror, antique objects or the painting that you like more than others. The personal details can enliven even the traditional kitchens look, just don’t forget about the symmetry balance. Another decision of this problem can be found in the contrast color theme using. Singling out the separate elements by the sharp tone changing it’s possible not just put an accent but reach the visual renewing of the interior. Every expert would confirm that the playing with the light and darkness can give the incredible results. So don’t be shy, even the strict borders of the classic style rules left enough place for the experiments with the indirect issues like light and colors. Feel free in using it and create home of your dreams.

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