The Country Home Ideas to Everyone

The Country Home Ideas to Everyone

The country interior design is a style that combines the refinement and the simplicity both. It’s very popular direction for the out-off-town cottages because tired from the modern city life people prefer for their houses the natural calm motifs that give the maximal comfort and relaxing effect. So the main idea is simplicity, it concerns to all sides of the design project: the lines has to have standard classic forms, the décor elements mustn’t be too mannered. There are some tendencies in the country home interiors which are based on the ethnic specific:

– The American country style. It’s a classic one which gave a name to all design line. This decoration way is distinguished by the massive stable forms of the, the warm deep colors that remind us a forest – brown, yellow, brick-red, green… and a lot of durable wood everywhere. The fabrics have to be thick and with the patterns, the ideal detail for the interior would be using of the patchwork items. Everything has to tell the visitors that this house is beloved by its masters and gives this love back to them, same time the freedom feeling has to be created.

– The French style. This one allows using the ceramic as décor elements. It can be as decoration finish for the walls as the dishes or vases. The furniture is more refined but with a touch of the old times. Light colors in the pastel range with cold grades mostly would make an aerial atmosphere. And it’s very important feature – the natural plants has to be used for sure.

– The English country style. It was formed under the Victorian age influence. So the floors must be stone or wooden, the rough mats and carpets are actual. The interior has to give trustable feeling and support the master’s might qualities. Heavy stout furniture would intensify the impressions of stability. How was it said? My house is my tower. True for the English country style house.

It can be other directions sorted out. For example Scandinavian, African, Italian country style homes and so on. But all of them have a common idea of simplicity completed by the natural and ethnic elements using. Choose own one that you think makes you feel better at home.

How to Correct Existing Interior Look

Sometimes we have walls already and no opportunity to change the floor material… A lot of the textile fabrics would rescue the situation then. It’s allowed to use it everywhere and no limits about an amount. Even a changing of the curtains would transform the room and make look close to the classic country interiors view. The effect would be increased by the serviettes, handmade carpets, theme tapestry, distinctive statuette and other elements of the décor. It’s a good chance to show your own handmade items in the most advantageous way as well. Let’s not forget about plants and… the smells which can bring some fresh notes into the dwelling atmosphere. So welcome to the world of the country homes and interiors. It’s worthy for to be realized in your house.

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