The History of the Vintage Vanity Table

The History of the Vintage Vanity Table

There are only a few pieces of furniture that has revealed more history than the vintage vanity table. This vanity table has been a big part of the Museum of Art. There visitors can see the changes over time of this dressing table. These changes show the different taste, social customs as well as the leisure pursuits of the period. They also show that the wishes of being attractive as an age old impulse. Women may be at the front part of this wish, but more and more men are also using the table.

The history of the vintage vanity table started out with a box. The box came from the ancient times. It was ornate and crafted so that it would be able to hold the beautiful paraphernalia. This box usually held the jars of cosmetics that used by women. At the ancient times, the cosmetics were not using the packaging like they are today.  Beside the cosmetic, the box also held perfumes, different purposes oils and tools to apply makeup with.

In the 17th century, the high society that resides in Europe began to commission furniture that are luxurious made by the craftsmen. Different prominent countries started to create different designs of dressing tables. The finest vintage vanity table on the period was created in France. The tables were named Roger Vandercruse Mechanical Table and Jean Francois Oeben. They were in the exhibition, in the period of 1761 to 1763. The tables looked like pieces of art with hidden compartments.

On the other hand, in America, the designs of vintage vanity table were not as intricate. One of the most popular tables was the one of the Chippendale style. Different revivalist styles were used in the 19th century for different pieces of furniture, including the vanity table. Among the styles were Rococo, Gothic, Colonial, Renaissance and also Elizabethan. Later on in the 19th century, the dressing table was becoming part of the furniture set for the bedroom.

A century later, both the European and American vintage vanity table turned in styles as both were using the Art Deco styles but added with the concept of glamour and luxury. One of the ones famous in America is the ones with the lamps on each side of the mirror. The style is often used by the stars of theaters, movies and singers and thus the style has become glamour on its own.

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