The Japanese House Interior for the Western Connoisseurs

The Japanese House Interior for the Western Connoisseurs

The Eastern culture is very popular in Western countries so the constantly increasing interest to the Japanese style house projects is a pretty high. The reason is that this design direction successfully combines the distinctive traditions of Japan with the modern progress’s nuances.

The main features of this Japanese home design art are the functionality, elegance and the uncommon but strict organized color decisions. It’s not possible without natural compositions in the interior: it can be the small flowers layouts or the big installations. Someone can allow to himself the prolongation of the subject line with the Japanese landscape sample in the garden.

This origin style is characterized by the laconic forms. The most valuable feature there is a space and it has to be used with the maximum benefit. Let’s give a glance to the main points of the true Japanese house design issue:

• Only the natural colors can be used, the preference is given to the light ones: milky, white, beige and so on;
• The color or interior combinations must not overload the view of the visitor;
• The furniture and the home decorations are minimal;
• The walls and the furniture surfaces have to be smooth, any surface pattern is not permissible;

As the main idea of the Japanese room design, the experienced designers call the calming effect of the flat. No the extra details that can remind to the master about the bad times or occasions, no the irritating color combinations that can bring any confusion to the master’s soul. It’s place for rest and quiet… all problems must stay outside of the Japanese style home.

The Natural Roots of the Style

The Japanese style was formed by people who respect the nature a lot. So the houses, realized in this design solutions, can be transformed, can grow and change like a real part of the nature. The true Japanese builders are afraid of disturbing the around world so the normal situation when the house becomes a garden extension. The hot and wet climate explains lightness and the openness of the general constructions. If an earthquake happens the house owners have to restore it in the minimal time. Another important reason the using of the light materials is a guarantee that the people wouldn’t be much hurt during any cataclysm.
The bamboo is a favorite stuff in the Japanese apartment design and it’s easy to explain – the small island country haven’t had enough stone or other minerals so the stone and metal details are so rare in the interior or they are using in the diminutive forms. Every part of the home has to be functional as much as possible. The very good example of the useful space using are the sliding doors that wouldn’t be noisy and like a theatre curtain would open to the visitor the next room. There is another nice trick that came to is from the Japanese interior design – it’s a dividing the home space by the multiple-casement screen. It’s very effective way to create a fresh interior with the renewed space geometry in few seconds.

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