The Modern Interior Design of the Living Room

The Modern Interior Design of the Living Room

The modern home design is characterized by its functionality and practicality. It is suitable both for apartments of middle class, and for luxury houses, and it makes the modern interior design to be an universal. Its feature is the ability to create a design, based on the standard compositions, paying more attention to the details, which will be a reflection of your individual style. The living room in modern style is able to give you comfort, convenience and cosiness, and you will have an opportunity to constantly change something in the interior, adding new parts and to replace some items. The integrity of the interior, in this case, will not be affected.

Choosing the furniture for the living room in the modern house interior

The main recommendation while choosing the furniture is to pay attention to the universal subjects, no frills in decorating. The simplicity of such furniture allows an interior to be actual one, at the same time, without pursuing the fashionable tendencies. Besides, such furniture will serve to you longer then others. However, it does not mean that it is necessary to refuse the luxury in the form of expensive furniture. Such home decoration such as mini-bar, will not only be an indicator of elitism, but also a functional part of your living room. Luxury home decoration allows to combine functionality with aesthetic pleasure, at the same time, it demonstrates a great sense of style of the owners of the modern design houses.

The features of the modern house interior design

Except the functionality and other main characteristics, the design of the living room in a modern style has certain characteristics:

  1. The use of podiums, stages and tiered ceiling is quite common in this style, but not always associated with the division of the room into zones.
  2. The bright lighting that covers the whole room is necessarily present in the interior of the living room in a modern style.
  3. For decoration of the walls it is often used a neutral color scheme, but it is not required. The bright colors or a combination of neutral colors on one wall, pasted colorful wallpaper can also be used.
  4. While finishing a floor, the preference is given to the light shades of a laminate or parquet. It allows to visually lighten and relieve the space, and does it lighter and spacious.
  5. The modern house designs simply the using of modern materials. The glass and leather are very useful there, as well as the shiny metal surface. This criterion is applied also in case of the choice of furniture. The unusual things will be to the place in such interior.
  6. The equipment in a modern living room in will keep up to date and have certainly the highest standards: plasma TVs, computer equipment, high-quality audio systems.
  7. The modern style implies the minimum using of elements of a decor. But, availability of houseplants is welcomed, and it is possible to have even exotic.

The zoning in the design of modern homes interior

The functionality of the modern style gives a big scope for the imagination when you are zoning the living room, allowing it to perform the functions of several rooms without losing the charm. The most popular are the space zoning methods. Using a screen or curtain, perhaps even a light fabric will give a unique chic to an interior. It is possible to create the walls of plasterboard or other more durable materials. The allocation of some areas by changing the height of the floor or ceiling (for example, a small podium on the floor) is very popular method among the designers. Also, there is the using of the combined illumination (for example, light in the work area can be brighter than in the area for the rest). The presence of high cabinets or racks will certainly provide the interior in modern style.

The modern design homes are a combination of simplicity and luxury, which is caused by functionality, a good technical component and comfort. The high-quality modern materials, technology news, nonstandard furniture are used in this style, creating a rich and refined atmosphere.

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