The Tuscan Style In The Interior

The Tuscan Style In The Interior

Everyone, who likes the warm natural shades of nature, bricks, rusts and furniture in old Mediterranean style, will surely want to reproduce the Tuscan style in an interior of the apartment.

The forming of the Tuscan interior design

Tuscan style originates in an Etruscan civilization, and then absorbs the traits of the Renaissance. The Tuscan architecture was developed under the influence of the Tuscan countryside, as well as under the influence of the French and Spanish architectural traditions, bordering Tuscany at the sea in the west.
The fertile soil of the Mediterranean brought the image and invoice of cypresses, olive trees and vineyards in Tuscan style, which is so widely known around the world. The gold juicy pears, wonderful aromas and colors of a jasmine, rosemary and bougainvillea are represented in this lovely style.

The Tuscan color palette

Color scale of Tuscan style homes is very warm and natural, same as a warm and welcoming is the Mediterranean climate of Tuscany. The palette begins with earth tones, turning into brown, orange and terracotta color and, at last, in cream tone and shades of shabby plaster. The high and majestic cypresses, growing along the roads of Tuscany, the curling vineyards and foliage of fruit and olive trees, represent the shades of green color. The rich and deep ocher, golden-yellow color palette of Tuscan sunflowers, ripe fruit of the lemon tree and the warm rays of the setting of the Tuscan sun – all of this gives a warm yellow color. The cobalt blue color represents the sea and the sky, and a deep burgundy – the color of the great Tuscan wines.

The elements of the Tuscan house

1. The walls

The walls of Tuscan homes have effect of the age-old plaster or can be covered with glaze. The plaster moldings are sometimes covered with gold leaf that adds a sophistication of the interior in the classic version.

2. The ceiling

The dark wooden beams in the Tuscan house are the standard elements of a traditional Tuscan ceiling, creating a contrast with the smooth and light-colored stucco walls. The ceiling paintings, such as clouds or angels are often used for decoration in lobbies and cafeterias. The ceilings are crowned by chandeliers, decorated with gold medallions.

3. The floor, roof and countertops.

The terracotta tile is usually used as the most traditional floor and roof covering for the Tuscan house plans. The natural stones, such as travertine, marble, granite and limestone are used as the popular choices for flooring and countertops. The mosaic or painted handmade tiles are favorite surface the Tuscan kitchen.

4. Tuscan decor

Wonderful paintings of the Tuscan famous artists perfectly decorate the walls in the Tuscan style home, such as still lifes with flowers, grapes and pears, bottles of wine and cheese. The forged mirrors, lamps, candle holders, shelves and gates are served as the accents in the interior. The fabric tapestries with the most wonderful ornaments add the interesting texture to the walls in the Tuscany house .

Tuscan style in interior design brought with it a romantic and elegant decoration of the house, warm and friendly feeling, the same as the fertile and sunny land of Tuscany. Tuscan style in interior design is relevant throughout the world to this day.

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